Proper education is key to success in life. It is simple to get past a lack of education because, as experience shows, some of the most brilliant people are self-educated. Furthermore, it takes more than just a college degree to make someone truly educated. An educated person knows how to get whatever they want out of life without taking away from others in the process. Education is simply knowledge Effectively and Persistently applied. People earn money not only for what they know but even MORE for WHAT THEY DO WITH WHAT THEY KNOW.

The First Step to getting a proper education is to STOP equating "education" with "schooling." Schooling is what you receive from attending classes taught by someone else, at someone else's pace, for someone else's purposes. Education, on the other hand, is what you give to yourself. It's an active learning process that you undertake on your terms, at your own pace, and for your purposes. In short, schooling happens to you; education is something you do for yourself. 

The Second Step to getting a proper education is to seek out mentors and role models. A mentor can teach you what they know and help guide you as you learn. A role model is someone whose success you admire and whom you strive to emulate. You can find mentors and role models in books (biographies or works by authors whose thinking you respect), in real life (people you know or have met), or online (including through social media). 

The Third Step to getting a proper education is identifying the resources that will be most helpful in your learning process. These resources might include books, articles, websites, courses, seminars, etc. Once you've identified these resources, it's essential to use them effectively—not just to consume them passively but also critically analyze them and apply what you learn to make sense of your specific circumstances. 

In conclusion, schooling is essential but only one part of the equation; proper education requires going above and beyond what a school alone can provide. Getting a good education requires taking an active role in your learning process. Mentors and role models can teach us valuable lessons in "hard" (job-related knowledge and abilities) and "soft" (personal qualities) skills. And finally, it's crucial to identify and use the resources that will support our learning journey—whether those resources are books, articles, websites, or anything else. With these three steps in mind, we can start giving ourselves the education we deserve!

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